About Jake

Jake arrived into the world by caesarean section on the 20th June 2010, he weighed 4lb 12oz and he was 5 ½ weeks early. 

My placenta had started to fail and sensing something was wrong I went along to the hospital with Jake’s Daddy, Sam, to get Jake checked out. His heartbeat was dropping and he showed signs that he needed to be born and so he was delivered. Jake had slight breathing difficulties upon arrival and so he was taken to the SCBU unit next door to the delivery suite at Worthing Hospital.

He was in their care for 10 days and then he was well enough to come home. Jake was a happy boy from day one, very contented.

Jake is extremely bright and cognitively above average for his age but at 14 months old Jake was diagnosed with mild cerebral palsy, four limb motor disorder (spastic quadriplegia). Jake’s cerebral palsy is of the type that he has high tone in his arms and legs and low tone in his trunk.

From then on it has been a journey of learning and discovery for us all.

SDR Surgery for Jake Bourlet